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Climate Change - Introduction

All over the world, people are gearing up to combat the challenges posed by climate change uncertainties. In this course of action, the State of West Bengal has already prepared the State Climate Change Action Plan (SCCAP) for introducing climate proofing and adaptation programmes.

The State of West Bengal is unique in her geographical location as the state extends from the Himalaya in the North to the Bay of Bengal in South and up land in the West. The impacts of climatic variations widely vary in different regions and at different degree and require various types of interventions. Efforts are being made for mainstreaming of climate change concerns into the developmental as well as regular government initiatives. However, coordination among various activities of line departments with a common objective for combating climate change demands specific attention and dedicated efforts.

A Climate Change cell has been set up in the Department of Environment, Government of West Bengal. The Department of Environment, Government of West Bengal has been identified as the nodal for spearheading and prioritizing the climate change measures across the state.

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